Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

What if an extended warranty is up to 6 months old? (COVID-19 Promo)2020-03-25T01:46:27-07:00

Normally, extended warranties need to be sold at the time of gear purchase. Now you can sell warranties up to 6 months ago to generate business.

What product can have the extended warranty?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

Anything you sell in your shop is eligible for the extended warranty.  From drysuits, to mask/fin/snorkel packages. Increase your profit on your most popular items.

How does the store sell it?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

Simply ask the customers if they want the 3 year (total) extended warranty on their new scuba gear. Charge them 18% on your PO, and pay the ScubaSure website (minus your commission – the website does the calculations for you) when they leave the store.

Why would the customers want it?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

Peace of mind.  Comfort knowing their prized gear will be completely covered for 36 months.

How much do I charge?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

The fees are 18% of the pretax total amount of items to be warrantied, but you get to keep 20% of those fees as Commission. (The website does all the calculations for you).

How do I register my customer?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

Easy!  3 simple steps.  1. Register/login 2. Enter customer information and pretax amount of items to be warrantied 3. Pay securely with your credit Card.

What is covered by the extended warranty?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

The extended warranty is simply a 2 year extension of the original manufacturer’s warranty for a total of 3 year warranty period.

Where do the customers bring their gear to be warrantied?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

The customers bring the gear to you (the store), if you determine their claim fits the warranty, you send an email to support@scubasure.ca and the replacement or repair process is underway.

How does it work?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

For every $1000 the customer spends, the customer will need to spend the equivalent of $5.00/ month for the duration of the warranty.  Why wouldn’t you cover your gear for the cost of a coffee per month?

Can I Warranty gear that is being used commercially?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

Unfortunately, no.

How hard is it to verify a claim?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

Simply email ScubaSure with the policy number and copy of original receipt and ScubaSure will do the rest.

How long do claims take to be fulfilled?2020-02-27T17:46:25-08:00

Most claims are fulfilled within 2-3 weeks.