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Purchase Extended Warranty

Purchase our Extended Warranty at various Scuba Dive Shops across Canada.

Register Online

Visit us online to register your claim.
Register here and follow our easy step-by-step instructions.

Dive Safely

You’ve completed the registration form. You now have the peace-of-mind knowing your equipment is covered.

Customer Example

Paul buys a new dive computer that costs $1000 (pre-tax). He opts for a 3-year total warranty period and pays an additional $180 to the store, by paying for the warranty, he agrees to have his gear inspected yearly by the shop he bought it from. After you receive Paul’s payment you visit to register Paul’s new computer, but only pay $144. The difference is kept as an additional profit.

We make it easy. The website does 100% of the calculations for you, and you can pay securely with your credit card.

Imagine if you could increase your profit on 25-50 percent of all your gear sales – that’s how many consumers purchase extended warranties (on average).

When the customer leaves the store, go to to register and enter store, customer and purchase info then Pay securely with your Credit Card.

Warranty Calculator

Enter the Purchase Amount and we will calculate the Warranty Price and total profit.