Terms & Conditions2020-03-02T19:02:19-08:00

Terms and Conditions

Important Notice: Please read the following terms carefully.

EXTENDED WARRANTY COVER2020-02-27T17:54:29-08:00
  • The Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) provide the complete terms between you (“You or “Your”) and Scubasure.ca (“scubasure” or “Us or Our” or “We”) for the extended warranty (“Products”) specified in your invoice or order confirmation.
  • Supplements the limited warranty statement provided for the Products for which the Extended Warranty has been purchased.
  • The Extended Warranty is available in the country in which you purchased your Product
  • The Extended Warranty is only available for Products as detailed on the invoice at the point of purchase of the Extended Warranty.
  • The terms “Extended warranty” for this application is a service agreement.

The covered Product is scuba gear, or water equipment identified on your invoice/proof of purchase. Not all products are eligible for this service agreement.


The Extended Warranty has the same coverage as the Manufactures original limited warranty.
During the Extended Warranty period, ScubaSure or its authorized agent will, at their discretion, without charge, repair or replace the Product if it experiences operational failures that impact the Product’s functionality resulting under normal operating conditions.

ScubaSure will return the repaired Product or replace it with another functional equivalent Product to the Customer in good working condition. All faulty parts or components that are replaced will become the property of ScubaSure. Extended Warranty availability and response times may vary from city to city and may also be subject to a registration requirement in the country of purchase. Scuba or water equipment must be serviced within manufacturer’s specifications to stay within this agreement.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED2020-02-27T17:51:49-08:00
  • the Product is used other than in accordance with the User Manual.
    the battery is short-circuited, or if the seals of the battery enclosure or the cells are broken or show evidence of tampering;
  • the defect was caused by the use of 3rd party accessories;
    deterioration of the Product due to normal wear and tear;
    unauthorized modifications or connections, unauthorized opening or repair, repair by use of unauthorized spare parts;
  • Theft, loss or damage from fire.
  • Accessories (whether purchased with the product or separately).
  • Use of equipment for professionals does not fall under normal wear and tear.
COVERAGE PERIOD2020-02-27T17:55:18-08:00

The period of Extended Warranty shall begin after the statutory manufacturer Limited Warranty expires and run for a period of two years.


You may cancel the Extended Warranty at any time for any reason. If You cancel the Extended Warranty within ten (10) days of the date purchased, You will receive a refund of the full purchase price of the Extended Warranty. If You cancel the Extended Warranty after this time, no refund will be available.


After ScubaSure authorizes your claim, we will at our sole discretion repair your Product with new or refurbished parts or replace your Product with a new or refurbished Product with comparable specifications. The decision to repair or replace will be made solely by ScubaSure. If your Product requires repair, service will be provided by an authorized service centre.

THE CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND US2020-02-27T17:57:53-08:00
  1. Warranty is non transferable
  2. After making payment for the extended warranty online or over the phone, you will receive an e-mail or letter from us confirming that we have received your payment. The contract for the extended warranty between you and us (contract) will only be formed when we send you this confirmation.
  3. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein in respect of the extended warranty you have purchased.
  4. By entering this contract, you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts and are at least 18 years old.
  5. By purchasing this service agreement you agree to all terms and conditions of the service agreement.

You may not transfer, assign, charge, or otherwise dispose of this contract, or any of your rights or obligations arising under it, without our prior written consent.

We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under this contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control.