What We Do

What We Do

We help businesses increase their profit margin, while providing additional value to customers. We get the customers back into your store for required maintenance and service, and we help you stand out from Online Sellers. ScubaSure is ONLY available to Dive Centers in Canada.

Why Choose Us

As a scuba retailer we know margins are razor thin. By offering an extended warranty you INCREASE your margins, and provide peace of mind for your customers.

Customers who buy the warranty, must bring their gear back to you for servicing to keep it within the terms and agreements of the warranty. Let’s get the customer back in your store.

How do you benefit?

You charge 18% of items to be warrantied (pre-tax) for the extended warranty, and keep 20% (of that money) as a commission (3.6% of your total sale price is all profit for you). – Easiest money you will make.

No overhead. No Out of Pocket Cost. You collect the money from the customer before you pay for the warranty.

You are leaving money on the table. Customers are used to buying extended warranties. They warranty everything from their smartphone to their car. Why aren’t you offering an extended warranty too?

100% Canadian owned.

We have been in the scuba industry for over 20 years. We understand how hard it is to make profit, and we want to help you achieve more profit.